Monday, 14 May 2012


Hi everyone,

I'm guess you must be wondering why I called this blog, The 3Cs of Nursing...

Nursing is a vocation, a career that is fulfilling and brings great satisfaction, but it is a lot of hard work!
Patient care is the most important thing in this profession, but along with it are other very important qualities. These are what I have called The 3Cs of Nursing...

The 3Cs are:




The most important thing is patient care. It is very important that patients feel they are in a safe environment and that they feel comfortable - just remember that nobody asked to be in hospital or any other medical centre unnecessarily!

To show compassion is also a significant factor when looking after patients. Patients are people too and they have feelings and emotions just like us. You may find people feeling down because they are in hospital. Perhaps they are in pain, or just lonely and need someone to lend an ear... so always try and put yourself in their shoes and show them compassion.

Nursing is a vocation, not a thing you wake up one morning and decide to pursue. It requires commitment, so if that means you have to work double shifts (which could be up to 14 hours one day) and then have the next two or three days off, you need to be able to commit to that!

Watch this space for more on Nursing...

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