Tuesday, 15 May 2012

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Ali Handscomb@AliHandscomb
Not keen when the word research is bandied about. What research where? Flu = virus it mutates no jab will be comprehensive.

Jenni middleton@nursingtimesed
Is Staying Alive the appropriate tune to vote to on whether to make flu jabs compulsory? Someone has a sense of humour

Ali Handscomb@AliHandscomb
Now playing Staying Alive for the Flu Jab vote!

craig zeital@czeital
15 steps very popular at most copies gone but you can still get a link for your free copy stand

RCN Publishing@RCNPublishing
The flu jab resolution proves controversial because of 'poor wording' over compulsion. Defeated 90.61% for 9.39% against

The RCN@theRCN
Item 12, 'Flu jabs for all?' VOTED AGAINST, 4 in favour (9.39%), 386 against (90.61%).

Matthew Browning@MatthewBrowning

Aru students day at congress is over home time now thank to all came

Nursing Times@NursingTimes
RT Fees row between RCN and global nursing federation

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