Tuesday, 15 May 2012

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Made Incredibly Easy@incredibly_easy
"Miliband commits to national nursing pay - but not to saving pensions"

Jenni middleton@nursingtimesed
Should it be compulsory or just the offer of a flu jab? They're debating it now at . What do you think?

RCN Publishing@RCNPublishing
Geoff Tompson commissioners need to work out how to ensure non-NHS staff get vaccine for free

Ali Handscomb@AliHandscomb
Important issue Flu jabs, but am feeling a little tired now. Agree with Linda Bailey let's refer it to Council.

Gerry Bolger@GerryBolger
Should flu jabs be free for all, as currently not for students?

RCN Publishing@RCNPublishing
anthony mcgeown: nurses should have the choice to have the flu jab or not

Is it a student nurse's duty to have the seasonal flu jab?

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